"Playing as a trio for the first time at Westminster Choir College, the ensemble made sure that their synchronization was like none other."
- Time Off Magazine, Princeton, NJ, of Les Agréments de Musique at Westminster Choir College, July 15, 2018

"Soprano Abigail Chapman... acquitted [herself] well, singing with abundant power, effective technique and steady intonation."
-The Denver Post

"Abbi, I love your singing - your ebullient personality is matched by your enchanting acting ability, a lovely tone, and a willingness to try anything."
-Mark Greenfest of the New Music Connoisseur, New York

"Abbi is unusually versatile - she is a fine singer of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, but also loves modern music. She is a solid musician, with flawless pitch and silvery high notes, and is a favorite in and around Denver."
- Dr. Lyn Loewi, Organist, Saint John's Cathedral, Denver

"When you first auditioned for me in 2008, I knew that I had found the voice and personality that would take the Cathedral Choirs to the next level. Your abilities to sight-read, to prepare your music carefully, and to capture the wishes of each composer in your interpretations, combined with your skillful technique and sense of style helped to improve the choir as an ensemble. In addition, your contributions as a soloist, whether as part of an anthem or for Messiah, were always artistically rendered and garnered the praise of all present. I particularly valued your ability to sing early music stylistically. Your high solo work in Allegri's Miserere mei was always most moving."
-Stephen Tappe, Director of Music, Saint John's Cathedral, Denver

"In both choral and solo roles she has excelled, and I have been impressed by her versatility in that respect, as she acclimates naturally and instantly to the necessary changes in style and vocal production that are required. She has always been consummately prepared at initial rehearsals, indicating a laudable ethic as well as respect for the role into which she has been hired; and on those occasions when I have hired her at the last minute (to sub for an ill singer, for instance), her sight-reading has been nearly flawless, thus allowing her to integrate herself into the performance with an absolute minimum of rehearsal.  This indicates to me musical ability of an extremely high level. ...Her innate musicality is impressive, adapting effortlessly to such divergent repertoire as plainchant, Early Music, Romantic, and 20th century. ... I can recommend Abbi without the least reservation for any vocal music pursuits she would care to undertake."
-Timothy Krueger, Artistic Director, St. Martin's Chamber Choir; Choirmaster, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Denver

"An extraordinary singer... an audience favorite"
The Lincoln County News, Maine

"Every once in a while a young performer pops out of nowhere and astonishes audiences with a maturity and mastery far beyond her years. [Abbi Chapman] had just such an electrifying debut..."
The Lincoln County News